Thursday, November 17, 2005

TOGETHER ALONE is an extraordinary true Romance, an autobiography of a portion of the life of Scotsman Ron Falconer, now living quietly and working as a musician/singer on the island of Moorea, near Tahiti. After building his own "wishbone ketch rig" - 28 feet long - which he named Fleur d'Ecosse, he sailed her around the world, taking four years to complete his circumnavigation. Later, with his second wife, Anne, a French mathematics teacher, and their two young children, they lived on uninhabited Caroline atoll in the Kiribati group for two years until "bad politics" forced them to leave. Published by Bantam in paperback, it is not simply a story of love and adventure and the fulfilling of one's dream, but also a book of practical philosophy and metaphysical speculations. It is a worthy addition to the great traditions of English language expatriate literature of the south seas, which began with Melville's TYPEE.