Thursday, January 12, 2006

Returning briefly to the U.S., and visiting Gloucester, Massachusetts, and contemplating The Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage on the promontory, the old center of the Portuguese community, T.S. Eliot wrote (in part IV of "The Dry Salvages" in FOUR QUARTETS):

Pray for all those who are in ships, those
Whose business has to do with fish, and
Those concerned with every lawful traffic
And those who conduct them.

Charles Olson, on the other hand, thinking of The Fisherman's Memorial, "on the Stacey Esplanade just east of the Cut, erected by the people of Gloucester in 1923" (George Butterick) writes (in "History is the Memory of Time" from THE MAXIMUS POEMS):

They should raise a monument
to a fisherman crouched down
behind a hogshead, protecting
his dried fish